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Investment plans

bituxfinancial-inv.com is a high profitable, secure and stable investment platform

24 Hours Plan M T W T F S S
6% After 24 Hours
Deposit amount 100–1000 USD
Total ROI10%
Referal Commission

2 Days Plan M T W T F S S
12% After 2 Days
Deposit amount 1000-5000 USD
Total ROI10%
Referal Commission

3 Days Plan M T W T F S S
16.5% After 3 Days
Deposit amount 5000–10,000 USD
Total ROI 10%
Referal Commission

2 Days Plan M T W T F S S
25.5% After 2 Days
Deposit amount 10,000–20,000 USD
Total ROI 10%
Referal Commission

Promo Plan M T W T F S S
30% After 4 Days
Deposit amount 20000-unlimited USD
Total ROI 20%
Referal Commission

10% Referral Commission

Free Registration

Plan Key Points
  • Return on Investment: After Complete Mining Cycle
  • Direct Referral Bonus: 10%
  • Free Registration
  • Withdrawal Charges: 0%
  • Internal transfer: No Charges
  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $106



Access on multifunctional dashboard using any devices.

Our mutifunctional dashboard is designed to be the most secure and user-friendly dashboard for investors. With strong security and the highest level of stability we provide wide variety of convenient features for investors to use it for their investments and withdrawals.


Why choose bituxfinancial-inv.com

Professionalism and stability in crypto currency industry

Our Mining Farm

Commitment To Our Investors

Our company appreciate the trust the investors have in us all throughout the world. Even at difficult times when other businesses are suffering due to pandemics, war, economic and social unrest, we on the other hand have been able to support our investors and our employees and even support their families as w ell. We are grateful to our clients in keeping trust in us and investing in us and we promise to keep the trust and pay back the profits along with the other bonuses promptly and diligently.

Our success in balancing out the multiple businesses and reaping profits, and then supporting the community back even when most of the governments have failed makes us very proud.


Your Funds Are Fully Insured



How it works

How to earn with bituxfinancial-inv.com

It is very easy to start receiving earnings at bituxfinancial-inv.com

HOW TO MAKE A DEPOSIT WITH bituxfinancial-inv.com

1. Login to your Account Dashboard with us
2. Click on the MENU Icon
3. Click on Deposit
4. Deposit the Digital currency you wish to start up
5. Enter the $ value you wish to deposit in your investment account, click on next and confirm
6. Copy the company's wallet address, then move to your wallet application and deposit amount you fill in the company
7. Move back to your investment account with us, upload your evidence of payment screenshot, then click on pay now
8. Within a short time your deposit will reflect in your dashboard
9. Once your deposit reflect, click on invest then choose the investment packages plans you wish to start up and proceed your investment

HOW TO MAKE A WITHDRAWAL WITH bituxfinancial-inv.com

1. Login to your Account Dashboard with us
2. Click on the MENU Icon
3. Click on Withdraw
4. Choose the Digital currency you want to withdraw from
5. Enter the $ value you wish to withdraw and then confirm
6. Enter your wallet address you want to receive your capital and profit, then click on confirm.
7. Within a short time your withdrawal will be sent to your provided wallet address you used to request for your withdrawal, instantly
8. Then check on your email account you used to register with us, to receive your withdrawal payment proof

About bituxfinancial-inv.com

bituxfinancial-inv.com is different from conventional investment firms

Our traders and investment managers have extensive knowledge in stocks and crypto trading, and with the help of artificial intelligence and robotic trading achieve unprecedented success in trading stock and crypto financial markets

Our traders greatly out performs conventional investment firms, providing our investors the opportunity to recieve good profit without prior experience in the financial markets.This source of income is highly secured and suitable for investors with short and long-term perspective.

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bituxfinancial-inv.com is a global company with many investors in the World.

Our team of professionals with the help of our trading system comprising of both artificial intelligence and robotic trading scalp the market daily and grossly outperform conventional traders and investment firms for the profit of our investors

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